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Beijing Punk

Presented by Josh Richardson and Danny Sigelman

A new generation of Chinese youth are creating their own fresh form of punk and indie rock, creating a vibrant new scene and making connections with the west. Two days before Beijing's Carsick Cars and White+ perform in Minneapolis for the first time, Josh Richardson of Flavor Crystals and Danny Sigelman present a film and poster art exhibition that captures the essence of this burgeoning subculture:

- Shaun Jefford's 2010 feature documentary, "Beijing Punk", which delves into the underground punk subculture of Beijing during the 2008 Olympics 

- Twin Cities premiere of Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph's "Iceberg", an award winning 2013 short with a Chinese indie rock cast, story, and soundtrack.    

- Short films and a Q&A by local music writer/artist/DJ Danny Sigelman documenting his indie rock experiences in Beijing

- Fresh footage and stories by Josh Richardson from Minneapolis band Flavor Crystals' 2014 West Coast Tour with Carsick Cars and White+

- A showing of iconic poster art from legendary Beijing indie rock club, D-22

Beijing Punk:

During the 2008 Olympics, at a time when the world's interest was focused on Beijing, a small crew followed a group of punks and skinheads through this subterranean world of punk music and counter culture. Taking a small film crew, two HD cameras and a sync super 8 camera, Australian filmmaker Shaun Jefford entered the little known world of underground musicians in the back streets of Beijing.

Encountering public apathy and state suspicion, the punk in China is a creature that should not exist. But we find that there is an explosion of counter culture summering just below the surface of the Chinese psyche. The underground punk music scene in Beijing centers around a club with a name that is the same in Chinese as it is in English. D-22 has become a magnet and a cross roads for young Chinese musicians with the urge to rebel.

The bands featured in the film include Demerit and lead singer ‘Spike’ and his band who live in a war zone on the outskirts of Beijing, Chinese Skinhead Leijun and his band Misandao (which translated to English means something like ‘Creme Puff’) , P.K.-14 the thinking mans punk band, and finally Hedgehog with the diminutive female drummer ‘Atom’ who is about four feet tall and bangs the drums harder than most.

Beijing Punk is a feature length, English language documentary that is an exploration of the hidden world of rebels and misfits a scratch under the surface of China.

Directed by Shaun Jefford

Featured bands include Misandao, Demerit, Hedgehog, The Gar, PK14, Candy Monster and Joyside.

2010   72 min.


Nova, a twenty-two year old drummer in one of Beijing’s most beloved indie

bands, lives in two very different worlds. One is the passionate, surreal

universe of Beijing’s underground rock scene that she shares with her friends

and band-mates Lei and Di Yin. The other is the sleepy neighborhood of

Nova’s childhood where her lonely, off-kilter father still lives. After finding out

that her band has been invited to perform at a music festival in the United

States, Nova moves through the hazy Beijing summer caught between these

two world and a secret of the uncertain future—she is falling in love and

nothing will be the same again.

Featuring performances and music by some of China’s most celebrated rock

musicians, ICEBERG is an exploration of love, friendship, music, and the

longing, thrills, and contradictions in the lives of young people in Beijing’s rock

scene. ICEBERG represents a creative collaboration between independent

musicians and filmmakers who live and work in Beijing. ICEBERG is a moment

from our time and place—and it’s just the beginning of a much bigger story.

Directed by Maya Eva Gunst Rudolph

Starring Little Punk and Wang Xu (of White +) 

Featuring music by White +, Carsick Cars, Dear Eloise, Birdstriking, and more

2013 14 min.

Past performances

Tuesday, March 25 at 7:00 pm



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